6 | Thy Will Be Done: God Desires All People to be Saved

God wants all people to be saved. But do we? Some times our answer is no. How bad does someone have to be for us to judge them to hell? Have you every yelled at someone on the TV, the internet or while playing a game? Every time we fail to see someone as God sees them, we need to confess. Ever time we confess, God forgives us and invites us to see people as he does. We pray to him that he would make our hearts like his.

These are the videos and links we watched and referenced in today's message.
T’Chris the Wiccan — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnBrFiczwzw
Serve During Holy Week — bit.ly/HolyCrossHolyWeek
Cool Video on Serving — https://vimeo.com/225915327