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Good Friday

The Miracles of Lent show us we need godly intervention. One things teaches this need more than anything else: death. We instinctually recoil from death. Even when we wouldn’t, God does whatever it takes to save us from death, even sacrificing His only Son, Jesus. Our Good Friday message. 

The Lord's Supper

Jesus’ final act before he was arrested and crucified was to give us Himself for our forgiveness. He gives us His body and blood in the bread and the wine, shared with his disciples that night, and with every faithful person who follows Him. Our Maundy Thursday message. 

The Triumphal Entry

A wanted man, Jesus rides into the city and the people proclaim Him a king! Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel! We’ve studied the Miracles of Lent and how they show us our need for Godly intervention. Jesus rides into the city, ready to deliver.

The Miraculous Earthquake

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? It gets your attention. The world shakes around you and creates fear and anxiety. There was a great earthquake the day Jesus was crucified. Jesus dies and the world literally quakes. We study this in our Miracles of Lent mid-week sermon series.

The Miraculous Darkness

There was darkness from noon to 3pm on the day Jesus was crucified. It wasn’t an eclipse. It wasn’t natural. It was miraculous. Jesus takes our darkness onto himself to give us His light and life. We study this in our Miracles of Lent mid-week sermon series.

The Miraculous Tearing of the Temple Curtain

What separates you from God? In the Israelite temple, there was a curtain which was 60-feet tall and six inches thick. It stood as physical representation of the spiritual separation of our Sin. When Jesus was crucified, the temple curtain which separated God from His people was torn in two! In Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, there is nothing which keeps you from God.