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4 | Jonah: Overdue

Jonah ends with a question and a cliffhanger. Would you be willing to share your most embarrassing moment with others if it meant they might see God differently? We conclude our sermon series “I Wish You Were Dead” and look at what it means that God’s love is for all people.

3 | Jonah: Do Over

Running from God and released from the beast. What does Jonah do when God gives him a do over? Does anything change with his second chance? Chapter three shows us how we need a better solution than second chances, we need a substitute. We continue our sermon series “I Wish You Were Dead.”

2 | Jonah: A Desperate Prayer

After running from God and finding himself as fish food, Jonah throws up desperate prayer. Three days in the belly of a giant fish can change a man. When do we pray? When do we invite God to act in our lives? We wrestle with Jonah’s prayer in week two of our sermon series “I Wish You Were Dead.”

1 | Jonah: I Wish You Were Dead

What would you do if God sent you share His Word with someone who might kill you, someone who would threaten your country, your people and your life? God tells Jonah to go to the Assyrians, who even historians say were abundantly evil. But Jonah runs in the opposite direction. We follow the prodigal prophet on the path to repentance in our new sermon series, “I wish you were dead.”