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6 | Are We There Yet? Foolish and Wise

We are within sight of the end! We are nearly there! It’s the last week of our sermon series on 1 Timothy that we’ve been calling “Are We There Yet?” It all comes down to this. But maybe, if you’ve ever been on a trip, you know that the final portion of the trip is the most perilous. We conclude our series looking at 1 Timothy 6 and what’s foolish and wise.

5 | Are We There Yet? Cheap and Generous

Sometimes, it feels like God is cheap. We pray, and we ask Him for our deepest prayers and  His answer is no. Even when we ask Him for things which are good, His answer is no. Even still, He is generous with what matters most! He gives us everything we need for eternity through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. He asks us to rely on Him for everything, especially what matters most. We continue our sermon series, “Are We There Yet?” and 1 Timothy 5.

4 | Are We There Yet? Weak and Strong

Sometimes, it feels like we’re completely unprepared for the situations in life that we have to face. We’re weak, and we lack the strength to move on. In all situations, God invites us to rely on Him. We walk with God in weakness and strength in the latest message in our sermon series, “Are We There Yet?” and 1 Timothy 4.

3 | Are We There Yet? Hidden and Revealed

Babies love playing peekaboo. This is most certainly true. It helps them develop as your face is hidden and revealed. They learn that you’re present even if they can’t see you. There are some things in our lives we’d like to remain hidden: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We walk with God through what’s hidden and revealed in the latest message in our sermon series, “Are we there yet?” and 1 Timothy 3.

2 | Are We There Yet? False and True

We get trapped by false truths. We hear, read and see things which trap us in lies. From the simple to the serious, we are searching for a deeper truth. We are released from lies by the Truth. Our response is to share the truth. We keep asking, “Are we there yet?” and we seek what’s false and true in our sermon series on 1 Timothy 2.