1 | The Good Work: How to Begin

I was made for this! If you’ve ever come to that realization with something in your life, you know how empowering the statement can be. Nehemiah was a man living in exile, a servant to the king. God stirred his heart to begin a good work. God stirs our hearts as well. We begin a new sermon series “The Good Work”.

31 | The Story: The End of Time

“An overwhelming majority of Americans continue to believe that there is life after death and that heaven and hell exist,” according to Barna research. But “they’re cutting and pasting religious views from a variety of different sources—television, movies, conversations with their friends.” God gives us glimpses of our future in His Word, glimpses filled with love and hope. After 31 weeks, “The Story” sermon series concludes.

30 | The Story: Paul's Final Days

Intersection ahead! Paul’s life was one of a major crossroad. After his conversion, and to the end of his life, Paul preaches what Jesus teaches. At the end of his life, Luke tells us that Paul living under house arrest in Rome. “He lived there two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.” (Acts 28:30-31) “The Story” continues!

28 | The Story: New Beginnings

We live in a world where people may be skeptical of that there was a God-man named Jesus who died and rose from the dead but we can show them a community with love for one another they want in their lives. What if the unbelievers where we live, work and play witnessed God’s love in us? “The Story” sermon series shows us what happens as the disciples explore their new beginnings. 

21 | The Story: Rebuilding the Walls

Nehemiah is a man of prayer. In situations small and large, threatening and celebratory, he prays. Nehemiah is a man of action. He uses the gifts God has given him to do the work God has called him to do. “The Story” sermon series continues. You can always text your questions to 248-274-4676. We’ll answer them in our Facebook Live at 2pm on Sundays.