Preschool Mission and Philosophy


The mission of Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool is to offer a developmental Christian and pre-kindergarten program dedicated to equipping children with the tools they need as they grow and enable them to share the love and salvation offered by Jesus Christ.


We are a Christian preschool dedicated to the growth and development of every unique child. As every child's development of self-concept begins at birth, respect for individuality is crucial so that each may come to know he or she is a special part of God’s creation. It is the desire of our staff that your child’s contact with our school is a positive one. Our goal is to help the children of Holy Cross Christian Preschool feel safe, secure, and loved. We are dedicated to work with families to help form a comfortable transition between home and school.

We will tell the children about God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and how we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, who died and rose again from the dead. We use stories from the Bible to teach the children about the wonders of their world and how God planned for us to live in a loving relationship with Him and the people around us. We will make special use of the Word of God in our science studies as we talk about God as the Creator, and in our social studies as we talk about how we are all special in His eyes. We will give thanks to God each day before we eat and pray for classmates who are ill.