Explore Your Faith

Everyone is invited to follow Jesus, and sometimes the best way to begin exploring your faith is by asking questions. There are a couple of ways we explore our faith outside of our building you can read about below.


Beers and Bibles

What's Beers and Bibles like? We gather together at HomeGrown Brewing Company on the first and third Tuesdays at 8pm. We grab a drink (any drink: beer, wine, pop, or water). We open the Bible. We read and ask questions. All are welcome. No beer or Bible experience necessary.


Java and Jesus

Pastor Matt is making pour over coffee. Fill your cup. Open the Bible. Ask questions. Men and women are welcome! No coffee or Bible experience necessary. We’re reading through the Gospel of Matthew and seeing what Jesus is up to. We gather every Wednesday morning at 9:15 at Holy Cross


Holy Cross Groups

Holy Cross Groups meet on their own time. The purpose is to grow closer to god and to one another with a group of people you regularly meet with. Holy Cross Groups have time to get together and catch up, share a meal, and ask some spiritual questions from Greg Finke's book Joining Jesus on His Mission. (How did you see God at work in your life this week? What has God been teaching you in His Word? What kind of conversations are you having with people God is welcoming back to faith or into faith? What good can we do around here in our community and Holy Cross? How can we help you in prayer?) We are developing groups that meet together based on life situation (young families, empty nesters, just retired) and where people live. If you're interested in joining a group, hosting a group, or training as a group leader, fill out the form below.

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