What Am I For?

What Am I For?
By Steve Smith

(On the heels of my last article, this issue has weighed on me so heavily that it cannot be escaped from my soul. As I plugged in possibly the largest social issue of our time and pondered honestly, “what am I for?”, this is the result.)

I am for life.

I am for life from the time of conception in a Mother’s womb through the developmental period there.

I am for life at the time of birth when a child enters the world.

I am for life in the infant stages as a child learns to cry, smile, laugh and roll over.

I am for life as a toddler learns to walk, speak and express themselves.

I am for life as a child is educated in it’s elementary, middle, and high school years.

I am for life in the college years or as an individual enter’s the work force.

I am for life as a person carries out their working career with all it’s changes and challenges. 

I am for life when an individual retires and enjoys the fruits of their labors.

I am for life as age takes it effect’s, whether they be positive or negative in regards to personal ability to respond or remember the past or present.

I am for life until life ends.

I am for life after death.

I am for the Virgin birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

I am for the sinless life of Jesus of Nazareth.

I am for the death on the cross of Jesus of Nazareth for the forgiveness of sins.

I am for the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead for the hope of everlasting life. 

I am for life forever, and ever and ever.

Regardless of what our beliefs are, each of us reading this has to ask this question. “What am I for?” If those before us had not believed in life would we even have the chance to ponder these things?

I am for life. Are you? Someone before you was.

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