Perfect Conditions

By Steve Smith

At the warehouse where I work there are a couple of the women that are customer service coordinators who enjoy walking on their lunch break. There are not many days when you cannot find these two ladies taking advantage of this time to exercise and chat.

There is something they are very particular about though, the conditions have to be perfect for them to walk outside. Most days they are walking in circles inside the warehouse because it is too hot, too cold, to windy, too humid or too cloudy. They want perfect conditions before they walk outside, and since it is Michigan the weather is rarely perfect, therefore they are inside most of the time.

Do we as Christians treat sharing our faith the same way? Are we waiting for perfect conditions before we start a conversation concerning the Bible and the good of Jesus Christ crucified and risen? If that’s the case we will end up like the two ladies who rarely walk outside, rarely stepping out and sharing our faith. Conditions are almost never perfect.

Consider how our Heavenly Father gave His Son for us, how Jesus came and took all our sins on Himself on the Cross bleeding and dying for us. Hardly perfect conditions, and at the same time they are perfect. They save sinners and make them right with God as the Holy Spirit opens our hearts and gives us faith to trust God’s promises.

Author and evangelist Mark Cahill said “You don’t have to cross the sea to be a missionary, you simply have to see the Cross.” The old hymn exclaims “Come for a cleansing to Calvary’s tide, there is wonderful power in the blood.” The engine for sharing our faith in less than perfect conditions is what Jesus has done for us, and He is risen and alive!

Isaiah 55:11 promises God’s word never returns empty and always accomplishes what it is set out to do. Jesus at the end of the great commission in Matthew 28 promises to be with us to the end of the age as we go and make disciples. What else can you do each day that has a 100% prospect of doing exactly what it is suppose to? The two ladies are walking outside only in perfect conditions, Jesus makes us perfect and walks with us as we share!

How about a couple practical suggestions then? One is something I like to do, the other I learned from a friend’s wife. When we eat out I will ask the waiter/waitress if they would read a book about Jesus. If they say yes I leave it with them, if they say no I say no problem and don’t. Either way I tip well though, you never know what generosity can do or when you may have the same person wait on you with different circumstances in their life. If you would like some books let me know I will give them to you.

My friend’s wife will ask the waiter/waitress if there is something in their life we could pray for as we ask a blessing over the food. Many times a conversation will develop from that.

However you chose to share, conditions will rarely ever be perfect, don’t allow that to stand in the way of the great adventure of sharing your faith and watching God work out His promises!

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