Chip Repair

Chip Repair
By Steve Smith

Living in Michigan all my life, and especially in the Oxford area I have seen a lot of gravel trucks go up and down the roads. One of the pitfalls of having gravel trucks on the road is loose stones make their way out of tail gates, off side rails or beneath tarps on to the highway, and in many cases onto the windshields of other cars and trucks on the roads.

Every car we ever had ended up with a crack from a stone off a truck when I was a child. Sometimes we had the car a day, sometimes a month, a year or longer, but eventually it would end up with a chip in the windshield and after that a new windshield. I can remember my Mom saying many times “There we go again, starts with a chip, then a crack and eventually the whole windshield needs to be replaced.” 

So what do you do when you get a chip in your windshield? I’m sure you have seen the free chip repair tents in parking lots all around? They can fix the chip, at least it seems that way. Did you know most insurance companies won’t honor chip repair? It is a surface fix but leaves the windshield compromised and unsafe. Looks okay, but it’s not okay.

Right smack dab in the middle of a section on partiality in James 2, James says in verse 10 “If you manage to keep the whole law, but break it at one point, you are guilty of breaking it all.” That means one sin whether it be partiality or anything else renders us guilty before God and deserving hell. We have a chip in our spiritual windshield. That is a staggering truth, is it not? 

Like a windshield in a car that gets one chip, really the whole thing is shot. You can do parking lot repair, it may look okay, but it’s not okay. Sin is like that, one sin and the whole hope of heaven is shot. And many, many, many people are trying “parking lot repair” spiritually. Thinking they can do enough to earn God’s favor, fix themselves up. It may look okay, but it’s not okay. The Bible states plainly “no one is justified by works of the law.” (Romans 3:20) Humanity requires a new spiritual windshield not a parking lot repair job. That includes you and me.

Spiritually speaking Jesus did not come so we could do our own parking lot repair job. He came to replace our whole windshield. Paul says in II Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, If any of you are in Christ you are a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!” On the Cross Jesus took our chipped, cracked, sinful windshield on himself and gave us a brand new one!! Clear and clean with a new view!! His blood cleanses it and keeps it clean constantly so we can see properly, and when we don’t His grace trumps our sin, and by His resurrection from the dead He promises a new world, with a new view that is perfect forever!!

Many of you may have chipped or cracked windshields on your vehicle now, and probably know many people who do as well. Funny enough my Mom’s car has a crack in it now! So here is a question, if you knew of someone who put in brand new windshields for free, how many people would you tell about him? Spiritually speaking you know Someone who gives brand new windshields for free, Jesus crucified and risen, how many people are you telling about Him? We don’t tell to repair our spiritual condition, but we tell because Jesus has made it brand new already for us and the work is done.

In my experiences of sharing the gospel when in a conversation the question is asked of a person why they believe they will go to heaven about 80% of the time they answer “I am a good person and have done lots of good things.” To which my reply is then “why did Jesus have to come and die on a cross for sinners if we could fix ourselves by doing good things?” The common thought is parking lot chip repair not windshield replacement.

Look around and listen this week for an opportunity to introduce someone to Jesus who paid for their new view on the Cross now and promises one day a perfectly clear view through His resurrection!