A 3D Christmas

A 3D Christmas
By Steve Smith

As I was jogging the day after Christmas before work I pondered what to say when people would ask how was your Christmas? My desire was that my response be brief and honest. I decided I would respond by saying I had a 3D Christmas, which I did. To which everyone asked, 3D, what does that mean?

First off, Christmas was difficult. Pastor Matt Schuler in his Christmas Eve sermon mentioned someone told him Christmases would get easier without his Dad around as time went by, to which he responded, “I’ll let you know when that happens.” It has been seven years since my mother-in-law has passed and two Christmases since our son Nicholas passed. I couldn’t agree with Pastor Matt more. I’ll let you know if it ever gets easier, don’t hold your breath, I don’t see it happening either. Christmas was difficult.

Second, Christmas was different. All of our children are married or have significant others now, one of our children and his wife and children live in Scotland, and we have a new grandson. Everyone trying to divide their time on each side of their relationships made Christmas different. Not everyone was around as in years past. And as for most of us change does not come easy, which made Christmas different this year.

Last and most important, Christmas was divine. Christmas is always divine. It is about a manger and a cradle, yet it is also about a cross and an empty tomb. Jesus did not become a man mainly because we needed an example, He became a man because we needed a Savior from our sins. This is divine. Matthew 1:21 says “And you shall give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.” Christmas was divine again this year.

To be honest, some of the thoughts I had during Christmas about the difficult and the different, well without saying anything require the divine, forgiveness and hope that I may be forgiven of my sins and that Jesus is the one who came to do that for me. And not just that, but Who also rose from the dead to secure my eternal destiny by conquering death.

How about you? Could you plug into a 3D Christmas? My guess is everyone who reads this, in some way can relate to it by putting their own family and life situations to fill in the blanks. Even, and especially, the need for the divine Person of Christmas to grasp you and show His love and forgiveness. The real Christmas tree is a Cross, and the real lights are Jesus, the light of the world.

Christmas was 3D this year, and saying that brought opportunity to be brief and honest. It also brought opportunity to witness to Jesus the Divine of Christmas, a cradle, a cross and an empty tomb.  

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