1: HomeGrown Oxford Ale and John 1

In this episode, we crack open HomeGrown Brewing Company’s Oxford ale and open up John chapter 1.

HomeGrown Brewing Company is located in Oxford, Michigan. (https://www.homegrownbrewco.com) It’s also where Pastor Matt hosts the regularly meeting Beers and Bibles.

Oxford Ale American Cream Ale - 4.5ABV 16 IBU
HomeGrown writes: “This is our go-to beer if you're new to the craft brew scene or are just looking for a refreshing drop. It's a smooth operator, light-bodied, easy-drinking and a crowd pleaser. Malt sweetness perfectly balanced with just a touch of hop bitterness make this one a reliable local.”

John 1

Beer Rating:

  • Four out of Five.

  • This is my baseline for good, easy-drinking beer.

  • I get kegs of Oxford Ale because it’s a beer everyone can drink. If you prefer darker beers or IPAs, you might not pick Oxford, but you’ll drink it if it’s offered.

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