Volunteer Team Positions

We’re building a team of volunteers to lead efforts to engage our members, guests and the community.

For every team member, there will be a conversation at the beginning to define the expectations and training needed for the role. There will be a review process every three to six months to affirm the role, re-engage in another role or step back if desired. Every potential team member is required to submit child protection paperwork, found here and here.

It’s the aim for every volunteer team member or team leader to find a way to utilize their God-given talents and abilities to serve God’s Church here at Holy Cross and beyond. Click on one of the positions below to read its detailed job description.

Digital Content Designer (5 hours/week)
Create emails, images

Office Assistant (5 hours/week)
Create, print, copy materials

Music Ministry Manager (5 hours/week)
Coordinate music for worship

Worship Volunteer Coordinator (2.5 hours/week)
Recruit, manage volunteer teams

Sunday School Coordinator (1 hour/week)
Recruit teachers, manage curriculum

Youth Leader (2.5 hours/week)
Collaborate on growing youth needs

Community Engagement (2.5 hours/week)
Encourage participation in community events

Nursery Care Team and Coordinator (2.5 hours/week)
Develop, implement nursery care