Nursery Care Coordinator (2.5 hours/week)

The Need: Right now, we don’t have a nursery available for worship. There is a desire to develop and implement nursery care for the families we have attending each week. This is a medium- to long-term goal with an aim of having nursery care offered when Holy Cross has multiple worship services in a given week.

The Responsibilities: The Nursery Care Coordinator would work to recruit a team of volunteers to serve in the nursery. Once the team is established, the nursery care coordinator would make sure that each service or event with nursery care needs would have an adequate staff in place to serve the needs of our children and families. Nursery Care team members would be willing and able to serve children in the nursery.

Role Requirements: Every team member serving in a nursery care role should have a people-first personality and be willing to care for families and children at Holy Cross.

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