Bible Study Opportunities


You are invited to join in any of the following Bible studies
hosted by Holy Cross, Crown of Life and Living Word.

Weekly at 10am at Holy Cross
– Faith Formation and Bible Study
Weekly at 10:10am at Crown of Life – Living Word Bible Study
Weekly at 10:15am at Crown of Life – Crown of Life Bible Study 

Weekly at 9:30am at Crown of Life
– Reading and studying “The Story” a paraphrase version of the Bible that reads like a novel.
1st & 3rd Tuesday at 2:00pm at Crown of Life – reading and studying the book, “The Prodigal God” by Timothy Keller.
1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesday at 8pm – Beers and Bibles at Homegrown Brewing Co. in Oxford - Grab a drink. Open the Bible. Ask questions. All are welcome! No beer or Bible experience necessary. We are studying the book of Acts.
2nd & 4th Tuesday at 6:30pm – Brews with Jesus at Rochester Mills Beer Company. We are studying John’s letters to the 7 churches in Revelation.

Weekly at 9:15am at Holy Cross
– Java and Jesus: Pastor Matt is making pour over coffee. Fill your cup. Open the Bible. Ask questions. Men and women are welcome! No coffee or Bible experience necessary. We’ll pick a book of the Bible to begin reading at our first session and will ask questions as we go.

1st & 3rd Friday, 9am at Evergreens
– Women’s coffee and chat.